Free testing for coeliac disease to all staff members in Malta

ITAMA_CAP is offering free testing for coeliac disease to all members of staff at their place of work in Malta.
If this interests you, and you would like to bring this to the attention of the management team at your organisation, kindly ask them to contact us on our email: [email protected] .
ITAMA CAP is an EU funded project under the Interreg Italia-Malta programme and is providing free testing for coeliac disease via Point of Care testing kits. Coeliac disease affects a person’s digestive system and can result in various adverse effects that include poor weight gain, bloating and vomiting.
This test consists of a quick and simple finger prick test carried out by qualified nurses, together with a 5 minute on-line questionnaire. This is in contrast to the previous invasive test where individuals would have a biopsy carried out to confirm whether they have Coeliac disease or not.
To learn more about ITAMA CAP and coeliac disease please visit our website: